Caring is sharing at women's health champion Hologic’s Learning & Experience Center in Flanders

Healthcare innovation is big in Flanders, and so are the medtech players that set up shop in the region. Take Hologic, for example. Healthcare professionals from all over the globe rely on the company’s leading-edge medical technologies to boost women’s health. In Zaventem (Flanders), Hologic inaugurated its first-ever Learning & Experience Center. Patients from all over the world will benefit from the kind of knowledge sharing that takes place there. Jan Verstreken, regional president of EMEA and Canada at Hologic is delighted: “Bringing our expertise to life is our purpose.”

Hologic’s training facility, a warm and welcoming environment for medical experts and practitioners from near and far, opened its doors in March 2019. This investment has earned the company a nomination for Flanders Investment & Trade’s 2020 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy. On 11 February 2020, one of five corporate nominees will take the trophy home during the Foreign Investment Trophy event. Be sure to cast your vote! 

Changing people’s lives

From its headquarters in Massachusetts (US), Hologic embarks on a clear mission to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day, for women worldwide. To achieve this, it offers a range of leading healthcare products in three domains that align with Hologic’s divisions: Breast & Skeletal Health, Diagnostic and Gynecological Surgical. The company’s main focus is on early screening and detection and treatment of health disorders in women. With locations in over 15 countries, including the new mainland Europe facility in Zaventem, and more than 6,500 employees globally, Hologic empowers healthy lives around the world.

The company’s track record is nothing but remarkable. Since its early beginnings, Hologic has taken the lead in groundbreaking technologies that have truly shaped the future of woman’s medicine as we know it today, from nucleic acid amplification tests as well as cervical and breast cancer screening to osteoporosis assessment and advanced breast biopsy techniques. “Innovation runs through our veins and is fueled by knowledge, passion, collaboration and integrity as we work to improve women’s health,” Verstreken emphasizes.

In excellent company

This pioneering role is exactly what connects Hologic and Flanders. From surgical robots to medical wearables to 3D-printed implants and even organs, Flanders is a medtech forerunner. The region’s extensive funding landscape and cluster policy provide fertile ground for revolutionary medtech solutions. Add to that the presence of various renowned research centers dedicated to healthcare and life sciences innovation, and it quickly becomes clear why Hologic chose Flanders as the location for its Learning & Experience Center. Here, healthcare professionals from Europe, Africa and the Middle East that rely on the company’s life-saving technological solutions can come together to receive specialized training and education.

Anniversary material

“The inauguration of the Hologic learning center marks a new milestone in our 35-year quest to enable better health and well-being through innovative solutions,” explains Verstreken. “Our company is built on people with extensive expertise and innovative skills. This is fantastic, but with adequate knowledge transfer, this knowhow could do even more. We owe it to the medical industry to train doctors and their staff to really bring our medtech expertise ‘to life’. That’s why the Hologic training center came about.”

The 1,500 m² training center is part of a new 4,000 m² site and is Hologic’s first all-inclusive facility, bringing together the most advanced technologies in healthcare for cohesive, convenient and interconnected learning. The center’s training labs are fully equipped with demonstration materials to provide healthcare professionals with real-life, hands-on experiences, offering unparalleled training and support. Visitors will be able to test the 3Dimensions™ mammography system, the Panther Fusion molecular platform, and the NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure.

“We owe it to the medical industry to train doctors and their staff to truly bring our medtech expertise ‘to life’.”

Dedicated to Flanders and women’s health

For Verstreken, the center is a logical move to further underline the company’s commitment and values: “We have long been a pioneer in our field and consistently prioritize patient well-being. When their health is at stake, nothing is more important to us than providing the most accurate, effective, and timely diagnoses or treatment. Our technologies enhance accurate early detection and effective treatment. We stay true to our promise to develop superior technologies that will benefit millions of patients worldwide.”

“We stay true to our promise to develop superior technologies that will benefit millions of patients worldwide.”

More than 60 new jobs in the works

The new European healthcare hub has brought dozens of new jobs into the region. Flanders might even play a vital role: its highly ranked universities, university colleges and business schools educate top-level researchers, engineers and entrepreneurial talent that will contribute to Hologic’s ambitions. Even more, 4,500 visitors have already traveled to the Flanders-based Learning and Experience Center during its first year. These visitors range from healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, current and prospective customers and distributor partners – all of which are taking advantage of the region’s services and infrastructure.

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Facts and figures

  • Headquartered: Massachusetts, US
  • Locations in Flanders: Vilvoorde, Zaventem
  • Annual turnover:​
    • Worldwide: USD > 3.3  billion
  • Number of employees:
    • Worldwide > 6,500
    • In Flanders:  110